Hi from Sabrina,

A 7 year old boy is hospitalized tonight after being held captive for a week in an underground bunker.  The little boy's 63 year old kidnapper is dead, killed by police.  Coming up at 11, we'll have the latest from the school shooting and abduction in Alabama.

It was standing room only tonight as city school workers, bus drivers and security workers pleaded for their jobs.    The school board is considering outsourcing some departments to help close an 11 million dollar budget shortfall.

After a convenience store owner was shot and killed during a robbery, other East Henrico business owners are taking steps to ensure there safety.  They met police today and many turned out to a memorial service for the slain store owner tonight.

Plus after a local second grader was found with a loaded gun in his backpack, a gun rights supporter offer some tips for parents who keep guns at home .