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Pair of Siberian huskies found dead from apparent gunshot wounds in Powhatan


A Powhatan family is looking for answers after they say their Siberian huskies were found dead, apparently from gun shots.

Jethro and Abby were two young, healthy Siberian huskies. Their owner, Patrick Obradovic had installed a four foot high chain link fence. It even had an electric pulse running through it.

Last Thursday afternoon, it wasn't working and the dogs escaped.

"After four or five days of not finding them I figured something was wrong," said Obradovic.

Obradovic said the dogs were more like family members than pets. He and his wife have two sons, one who has Autism, so Obradovic drove over 600 miles looking for their beloved animals.

After searching, the Powhatan Sheriff's Office found the huskies on a piece of property near Jeter Road.

Obradovic says the sheriff found the dogs shot and killed and even know the person responsible. The under-sheriff wouldn't confirm to NBC12 if he had a suspect.

He did say, the Powhatan Sheriff's Office has launched a criminal investigation and will find the person or people responsible.

For that person or people, Obradovic has a message.

"It's just a shame someone can be so vile and cruel and not think what they were doing would affect people's lives. Because they have."

The sheriff's office is waiting for the results of an animal autopsy to confirm the causes of death. They're not sure if a bullet is what killed the dogs, or something else.

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