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Richmond Fire Department audit reveals need for improvement


A critical report leaves the Richmond Fire Department with plenty of work ahead of them. The Department took more than 30,000 calls for service in 2010, the year this report is based on.

Overall, they did a pretty good job, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

In the 135 years the Richmond fire department has been around, they have seen quite a bit, but this report was something new.

"The fire department has never done this kind of systematic, a comprehensive organizational study," said Chief Roger Creccy

The study conducted by an independent firm analyzed every aspect of the department's work. It revealed more than 50 specific things than need to be fixed.

Among them? Improve response times. The report gave the department credit for meeting national standards, but said with some changes in their process things could be even better.

It also suggested fixing communications break downs and upgrading the stations.

Even moving their locations could make it easier to get to calls quicker.

Finally the report suggests improvements to the dispatch operation should lead to more efficient delivery of emergency services.

Chief Creecy is still digesting the report. He is hopeful his department will be able to meet its expectations.

"Their biggest fear is that they won't have the resources and enough people on the team to be able to work effectively and handle emergencies safely," he said.  

It won't be an easy challenge. But at least they will now have a road map to guide their way.

The report cost $150,000 to put together. The majority of the recommendations are expected to cost little to implement.

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