Hi it's Sabrina,

A little girl breaks down in tears after thieves steal her life savings.  Tonight, a devastated Chesterfield family describes how crooks kicked in their door and ransacked their home.  The burglars made off with precious jewelry , but not before smashing a child's piggy bank and swiping the cash inside.  Tonight these parents have a warning for their neighbors.

Hundreds of Henrico parents packed a meeting room tonight where the focus was school security.   They want to know what's being done to ensure their kids safety on school property.

An overwhelmingly negative reaction from neighbors has forced owners of Bennett funeral home to put plans for a new crematorium on hold.    Chesterfield homeowners contend it would ruin property values.   Details about tonight's show down at 11.

Plus more flurries are in the forecast for Central Virginia.  We'll tell you about the overnight frost when you join us at 11!