January 31 RESTAURANT REPORT: cross contamination violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Crab Louie's Seafood Tavern at 1352 Sycamore Square in Chesterfield has been open since 1981 and usually earns pretty good health inspection scores. But this time it had 5 critical violations.

"We corrected pretty much everything immediately," a manager told us when we stopped by.

One problem they corrected right away was the way dishes were being cleaned. He explained, "It's a special needs person and he needs to be retrained on a regular basis."

He told us that retraining has been done. Crab Louie's earned a perfect score on the health department's re-inspection the following day.

It was a different kind of dish problem at El Patron Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, 5990 Audubon Drive in Henrico. Among it's 5 critical violations, the report says the same plate and tongs were used to transfer raw meat and other foods to the cook line. The inspector noted telling them to use a utensil for each food. That and other violations were corrected during the inspection.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to the VCU Medical Center Cafeteria, 403 North 13th Street in Richmond, which has aced 6 inspections and hasn't had a critical violation in nearly three years.

Assistant manager Peter Booker told us, "We're like a family. We're all in this together and it takes all of us. No body's job is less important, no matter what you do."

In fact, one employee couldn't wait to tell us why they do so well on their inspections. Said Abulali Saqui, "We work with doctors, we work with nurses, we work with everybody. Patients first and safety first. I love 12 News. I love my manager, I love my supervisor, everybody works hard together, peace."

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