Gas leak foces Forest Hill Ave to close

Good Thursday morning from Heather. If you lost power, we are live streaming our newscast on

A gas leak has forced the closure of the 5500 block of Forest Hill Avenue in both directions.

Dominion Virginia Power reports about 9400 customers in the greater Richmond area are without power this morning after last night's storm. Rappahannock Electrical Co-op has more than 1000 customers off line.

The storms that ripped through the Southeast have claimed two lives. They were killed by crashing trees in Georgia and Tennessee. Wednesday's tornadoes and dangerous winds destroyed homes, flipped cars and made heavy items like sheets of metal and bathtubs lawn ornaments.

A 6-year-old is still being held hostage in Alabama by a suspect who killed a school bus driver and took the boy off the bus. They're holed up in a small underground bunker.

We'll keep you posted on power outages and traffic problems for your morning drive from 4:30 to 7:00!