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Police make quick arrests after delivery driver is robbed


A Chinese food delivery driver was shot and robbed and just minutes later police had the two men responsible in custody. Andryly Brito and Shaquille Liggins are facing robbery charges. The victim is still in the hospital.

The incident happened just before 10 o'clock Tuesday night on Newkirk Drive not far from Southside Plaza. Police say they were already pursuing the suspects before the victim even had the chance to call 911.

For Richmond Police, being in the right place at the right time was no coincidence in this case. After a spike in street robberies in the Woodhaven and Southwood neighborhoods, undercover detectives were looking for Andryly Brito. An officer spotted him with another suspect, Shaquille Liggins, Tuesday night.

"He noticed them run into the back of this vacant property right here," described Lt. Ronnie Armstead. "As he circled around the block, he then noticed a food delivery driver pull up in front of the address."

The officer knew that shouldn't be the case because no one lives there.

"Why would a food delivery person be delivering to a vacant home," Armstead asked.

In seconds, the street crimes unit was alerted.

"As he was coming back around he heard something that sounded like a gunshot but he wasn't quite sure," Armstead added. "Then, he saw the suspects running from this residence back to their vehicle."

According to police, the delivery driver suffered what they believe is a graze wound from a bullet to the head. He fled back to the Chinese restaurant before calling 911, unaware RPD was already on scene.

After a brief pursuit, Brito and Liggins were in cuffs.

Police say they're lucky; this could have become a homicide investigation.

With these arrests, they're putting any other criminals on notice.

"The Richmond Police Department is very dedicated in working very long hours and we will catch them," Det. Patrick Brady warned.

Detectives say they'll likely charge the two suspects with malicious wounding and another count of robbery. They are investigating if the two men are also responsible for a similar incident at the same house on January 13th.

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