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Chesterfield jumps on meals tax bill


Chesterfield County is the latest to jump on a bill that would give county leaders the power to create a meals tax of up to 4%, without any public vote. If approved, they could approve a meals tax simply through a board vote.

First, the bill would need to be passed in the General Assembly. But, the very possibility is concerning for Robyn Gold. Her business, Prairie Grain Bread Company has been around for decades.

"Chesterfield County we already tax so much in Chesterfield County that to add another tax would just be burdensome," said Gold. "Especially for business owners, small business owners."

Gold's business has been open in Chesterfield County for years. She worries the cost form a meals tax would just be passed on to customers and hurt her business.  

Not surprisingly, NBC12 talked to several restaurants that all shared the same sentiment. We really wanted to know what the Supervisors thought of the meals tax because ultimately in this case, they would be the decision makers. That's because, according to the bill, the Supervisors would have to vote unanimously to make the bill a reality.

Here's what they had to say:

So what does this boil down to for Chesterfield County? A meals tax is unlikely given the current sentiment of the Board of Supervisors. Most say, they just want another tool for revenue in Chesterfield's tool box, should the County ever need it.

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