MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: New apps to help save money

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Your smart phone bill is a monthly reminder that using these devices doesn't come cheap. Here are three new apps that can help you get some of that money back.

One of the newest and hottest money making apps is Ibotta. Before you go shopping, check Ibotta for discount offers on your favorite products. After you've bought the product, verify your purchase by uploading a photo of the product's barcode and your receipt. When Ibotta gets your information, you get paid. When you amass at least $5, you have the choice of how to cash out. Money can be sent to your PayPal account, to a school of your choice or the United Way. Once you've redeemed an offer, a new one will be sent to you - and for every friend you refer, you will earn another dollar.

Another new money making app is Jingit. When you see an advertisement with a curled-up corner and the Jingit symbol, you can earn cash for viewing that ad. You'll be asked a few questions about the product, and when you're done, your account gets credited. I earned 50 cents in about two minutes with three ads. The app shows you which store offers that product and gives you an additional payout if you buy it there. Once you hit $10, you can cash out. Payments are sent via debit card - but beware: there is an enrollment fee, so make sure you have enough to cover it.

If you like to watch TV, viggle will reward you for it. When you check in with this app, it will tell you which shows earn points. Watch those shows on TV with your phone on to earn points. The longer you watch, the more points you earn - those points can be redeemed for gift cards at popular national retailers.

All of these free apps are available for iPhone and Android devices.

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