January 24 RESTAURANT REPORT: Temperature violations in a grocery store

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Whether food is out on a buffet, or being stored in the fridge, restaurants are required to maintain it at certain temperatures to prevent the growth of bacteria that can make you sick.

Two restaurants had temperature violations in this edition of the Restaurant Report, one of them a very popular new grocery store that serves prepared food.

That store is Kroger at 7000 Tim Price Way in North Chesterfield. It had 4 critical violations on its state health inspection. Among them, the report says sausages on the hot buffet, pork in the hot skillet area, and two pork dishes in the auto sham were not hot enough. The inspector instructed them to rapidly reheat the food to 165 degrees and maintain it at 135.

Kroger sent us the following statement: "The Kroger co. prides itself on the highest standards of quality, cleanliness and safety. The issues that have been brought to our attention have been remedied for both the short and long-term, and we look forward to continuing to serve our Richmond-area customers with the high levels of service and quality to which they have grown accustomed."

It was a cold temperature problem at Royal India Express at 2755 Hungary Spring Road in Henrico, which had 4 critical violations. The report says cooked potatoes, raw chicken, and ground beef were not being kept cold enough. These foods need to be kept at least 41 degrees. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

There haven't been temperature issues, or any other issues for six inspections at Taco Bell, 5811 West Broad Street in Henrico. It wins this week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award for acing six health inspections and not having a critical violation in more than two years.

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