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Flu season only halfway through

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It may be half way through winter, but officials say it's likely only halfway through flu season - which is why they say any reason is a good reason to get the flu shot.

"I'm a student, I'm in grad school, and I didn't want to get sick because I don't have time to be sick!" said Molly Spangler.

"I got a coupon from my employer, and so it's free, and so if I can get it for free and it'll keep me from getting the flu, that's a great reason," said Luke Spangler.

If you work with a lot of people, the elderly, or young children, getting the flu shot could be protecting more than just you.

"I'm a nurse," said Linda Reid. "I'm an RN, and when I'm around patients, it's important that I not make them worse by giving them the flu. I'm supposed to be making them better."

While facing the needle may be a hold up for some, there are people at the IVNA who say they can tackle that fear too.

"My nickname is 'painless' because it's a painless shot," said Sue Spees. "I think it takes longer to fill the paperwork out than it does to get the shot."

Doctors say the flu has been rough this year - and even if you've already suffered through it, doctors say stopping in here is painless compared to more flu this season.

"Getting the flu vaccine dramatically decreases the likelihood that you'll get the flu and even if you do, after you've had the shot, your symptoms will be a lot less or less severe if you didn't get the vaccine," said Dr. Laurie Forlano with the State Health Department.

A second wave of flu season isn't unlikely.

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