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NJ camel has a gift for picking football winners

Source: ahscares.org Source: ahscares.org

Anyone can pick the winner of the big game occasionally, but guessing right 85 percent of the time is a little more difficult. Especially, if you're a camel.

A clairvoyant camel in New Jersey has only been wrong once in picking the last seven NFL Champions.

Princess, a 26-year old Bactrian camel, lives at Popcorn Park Zoo and apparently has the powers to predict the winners of the football games. Just recently, she picked the winner of Sunday's NFC Championship game correctly.

It is an easy process. Popcorn Park Zoo General Manager John Bergmann approaches Princess with two graham crackers in separate hands with each team written on a hand. Whichever one she eats is the predicted winner.

Princess could not wait to pick this year's winner between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. She made her pick on Monday morning. Let's just say, she lives on the east coast, so she sided with that team.

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