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Former Richmonders react to President's Inauguration speech


NBC12 found people from the Richmond area by yelling into the crowd, "Is anybody from Richmond?"

The group NBC12 ran into cheered for four more years but said more needs to be done for the American people this time around.

The crowd at the opposite end of the National Mall scramble to get as close as possible to be within view of the Capitol. Cheers drown out the loudspeaker, but when President Obama takes the stage, the crowd, including the Colliers and their friends, listen intently. 

The people NBC12 spoke with said they came here hoping to be inspired by the President's speech. They hoped he would address some of the major issues facing America today.

They weren't disappointed.

"I thought it was great, it was inclusive instead of divisive," said Nathan Kipihtamiskakew who grew up in Richmond.

"He's a real inspirational speaker," said Kathy Collier who also grew up in Richmond, but now lives in Alexandria.

But with President Obama facing another four years in office, Trotter Collier says now is the time for promises to be fulfilled. 

"I appreciate the fact that we had the first African American president four years ago, but I'm not happy with the progress because there are so many people that are unemployed currently," he said.

More jobs and preserving Medicare were just some of the things they hope will happen.

"I think the fact that he's trying to combine everybody so it's not a divisive environment. I want to see the Congress start passing legislation," said Trotter Collier.

President also said the world is changing and Americans need to lead the way. It's a point that resonated well with this group. 

Organizers say there were about a million people in the crowd on Monday.

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