Richmonders attend Presidential Inauguration

Even though this is President Obama's second Inauguration, it hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of the people we met who came to watch this second round of history take place. We met many people who traveled from places like Richmond, Petersburg, and Chesterfield, because they wanted to be here in person today, and wouldn't have missed it for the world.

There was a sea of people from every part of the country, some from around the world. But everyone has a personal reason for wanting to be here, including many from Greater Richmond.

Said Lydia Lundy from North Chesterfield, Oh, who wouldn't want to be here today? This is the most memorable day we're going to have in history."

Ashley Clarke of Richmond had a similar sentiment, "It's going to be surreal. Watching it on TV is one thing. Being here to witness it is amazing. I wouldn't pass it up for anything.

We met supporters who worked on the Obama campaign and hope to see the President in person in the parade, like Dulceana McKever of Petersburg, "I sure do! We would like to be very close because we worked on the campaign for the President. That's why I said we were coming here no matter what."

Some raced here, to beat the traffic, not wanting to miss a moment. Said Ivette Beaver from North Chesterfield, "We left at 3:00 this morning, and we came straight through. I was so excited I got here in an hour."

And did heavy security checks at the gates dissuade them? No.

Said Beaver, "We've been checked three and four times. But it's what we need, it's the world we're living in."

Added Lundy, "They went though my purse a couple of times, but I didn't mind. It was alright."

And the cold temperatures were no match for this determined and devoted crowd. "It was nice the last three days but this morning it got cold," said Candace Bethea, to which her friend McKever responded, "It's worth it, it's worth it to me."