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Rapist on Facebook: "Well folks, Im going to get shot"

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MT. PLEASANT, MICHIGAN (WWBT) -- A man out on parole changed his Facebook status to "Well folkes Im about to get shot. Peace" right before he was killed by police, the Detroit Free Press reports. 

Eric Ramsey, 30, of Central Michigan, abducted a college student at random with a BB gun, raped her, set fire to a house, stole a flatbed truck, rammed three police cars' before police shot him dead. Ramsey also posted to one wall of his 117 face book friends, "It's been real, bro. I wish we could have hung out longer."

Officials are now believing that this case was ended by "suicide by cop".

Thursday night, Ramsey abducted a student on the campus of Central Michigan University. He then took the victim to a house off campus, which is now being identified as Ramsey's mother's house where he was residing with her. Ramsey bound and raped the victim and then told her that he was going to kill her in the presiding car ride. The victim jumped from the moving car and found refuge in a local home where 3 children were waiting for their father to return. The four individuals locked themselves in a bathroom. A frustrated Ramsey set the house on fire and fled. The father returned soon after to put out the fire and free the children and victim. Ramsey then went on a 85 mile police chase with two different vehicles where it is believed he posted on the social media web site during the chase.

The victim is now safe and with family.

Ramsey had a violent history. He served a prison term from July 2007 to July 2012 on a conviction for assault with the intent to cause great bodily harm less than murder. He had previous convictions for malicious destruction of fire department or police property, assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer, and assault with a dangerous weapon, reports the Detroit Daily Press.

The parole board released him at his minimum sentence time, Michigan Department of Corrections spokesman Russ Marlan said. During his time in several Michigan prisons, he was classified as a minimum-security prisoner.


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