Inauguration is a living classroom for Cosby HS students

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WWBT) - The inauguration is many things for many people, but for one Chesterfield teacher the swearing in of a president is a living breathing classroom. Tomorrow, for the 9th consecutive time, class will once again be in session.

It is a labor of love for Anne Canipe.

"Every time, every inauguration is different," said Canipe.

Canipe is a world history teacher at Cosby High School. Every four years she opens up the opportunity to every student at her school to be a part of history.

"I have 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders going," she said.  "Most of the kids I have taught, others I have not."

Dejarelle Gaines is one of those students.

"I like going to parades," said Gaines. "I like being around a bunch of people."

Gaines has lived in Alaska and Washington State. She landed in the swing state of Virginia at just the right time.

"The whole election was really exciting because you really couldn't tell where it was going to go because you had half of the people for Obama half of the people for Mitt Romney," she said.

In all 35 students will make the trip. They are all excited, but Linden Pulley thinks it will take some time for the gravity of what they are experiencing to sink in.

"I know it is really important," she said. "But twenty years from now I'll probably look back on this and realize that is was much more significant than I'm seeing it from now."

This trip is one of many Canipe leads students on regularly. She said allowing them to experience history as it happens, enhances their learning in ways that can't be duplicated.

"They can do research but to be there and experience the moment at that moment that is probably the best learning tool they are ever going to get," she said.

And for the 9th time, over close to 4 decades, history will be made once again.

In addition to the actual swearing in, the Cosby students will also take in the inaugural parade and attend a student ball.

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