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Teen accused of stabbing group in Chesterfield


A teen is charged with attacking three people in Chesterfield, multiple times with a knife.

Jared Coffey is charged with three counts of felony malicious wounding.

One of the victim's brothers, Jake Sites, says the altercation started early Sunday morning, when the suspect began getting rough with his girlfriend. He says several people ushered him outside the house on Dermotte Lane.

Sites says Coffey pulled out a large knife and started stabbing people.

"I've never seen so much blood. I've never had so much of other people's blood on me… The guy just went ballistic and just started taking the knife out and just swinging at everybody," said Sites.

Sites described the knife as the size of his hand, with a hook at the end, likely used for hunting for fishing.

Sites says his brother, Cameron, was stabbed in the leg and in the ribs. He says another girl was pierced in the kidney. A neighbor from across the street was stabbed ten times according to his brother, R.J. Gregory.

"I've already lost one brother. Now, my brother's in the hospital now because of ignorance," said Gregory.

Sites says he helped his brother and the girl inside the home; their wounds gushing blood.

"I used every shirt I had to stop everybody from bleeding," continued Sites.

Sites says police caught Coffey as he ran down the road. He says Coffey somehow cut himself during the fight. Meantime, Sites and other relatives spent the night praying in the hospital.

"The long term effects of this… All of them could be messed up for the rest of their life," said Gregory.

The family says two of the victims are in critical condition. The third is expected to be home in a few days.

Currently, Coffey is being held without bail. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

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