NBC12 VIEWPOINT: The Debate on Gun Control

By: Kym Grinnage email

Gun Control. I thought hard and long about whether or not I wanted to comment on this subject because it really gets people going, but in the end I decided that I would express a point of view.

I did not grow up with guns in my home , so the idea of having a gun in my home is a very foreign thought and one that I would not consider. But for many Americans, including , those in urban, suburban and rural communities, the right to bear arms is something that is very important to them and I really respect that. As a result of the renewed conversation about gun control, I have asked a lot of my  friends and associates if they legally owned a firearm and I must say that I was surprised by the number of them that said yes. My friends range in ethnicity, background and income levels and there wasn't any particular type. The teaching moment for me was that  there isn't a type of person that chooses to own or not own a gun. It's a personal decision.

Here's what I also learned. We were able to have a conversation about the entire gun control debate. I will not say that sometimes it wasn't heated, but we had a discussion. I learned some things about their position on gun control and they learned some things about my point of view. I would also say that we moved a little closer in agreeing that there was reasonable room to at least explore what we as a country could do better when it comes to the violent use of firearms.

If I can have that conversation in someone's living room surely our elected officials who represent us should be able to have that dialogue. If they can't find a way to do better than what we have, that would scare me more than the barrel of a gun in my face.

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