Hey Snowbirds,

Enjoy the frosty  landscape but take extra care , in fact just try to stay off the roads.  Snow has been falling steadily throughout the area,  we've even had bursts of thundersnow!  At 11, we catch up with crews are out treating roads to get the latest on conditions.  Plus we've got snowfall scenes from the mountains, to the suburbs and streets around the city.

A Chesterfield teacher had to be removed from her elementary school after police say they found heroin and drug paraphernalia on school property.  The 35 year old special ed teacher now faces some serious charges.  Tonight at 11, hear what her relatives are saying.

Plus, restaurants in Richmond and Chesterfield make our critical list, after they were cited for cleanliness issues involving employees and equipment.  Heather Sullivan goes inside for a follow up.  Check us out at 11!