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Drivers face slush, ice, rain, even thundersnow during commute


As the rain turned to snow Thursday evening, VDOT hit the streets to salt and sand the roads. But drivers got a surprise when thunder and lightening filled the sky.

The snow started falling in Henrico around 6p.m. before moving Southeast. VDOT spokeswoman Dawn Eischen said Thursday that crews first began in the Western part of the Richmond district before following the snow Eastward.

As the snow turned to rain and back to snow again, VDOT warned drivers that slush could freeze over. VDOT's pavement sensors read the ground was at freezing, which could be dangerous for morning commuters.

However, VDOT crews won't start plowing until there is two inches on the ground. Thursday night, many commuters said they were expressing extra caution but weren't concerned enough to stay off the roads.

"It's worth slowing down," said Kyle Sherwood. "Better safe than sorry."

"I hope most people are staying off the road," said Steve Cullen. "I still need to get home!"

However, drivers had more than snow to worry about overhead.

NBC12 crews heard thunder and saw lightening overhead during the snowstorm. Viewers called and wrote in to report the sighting as well.

When an NBC12 reporter asked William Overby if he was surprised by the so-called "thundersnow," he replied, "We live in Virginia and we get bipolar weather so it changes up pretty quickly."

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