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Democratic lawmakers want to curb gun access


One day after President Obama unveiled his plans to step up gun control, Virginia's House and Senate democrats are also weighing in. Democratic legislators are praising the President's initiative and announced plans to take immediate action in the Commonwealth.

Not many can soon forget the Newtown shooting or the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

"It is a moral obligation of our society to stop gun violence that's killing our children," said Lori Haas.

Her daughter, once a student at Virginia Tech was shot twice in the head.

She survived. Many did not.

"Magazines have one purpose and one purpose only, to kill humans," said Delegate Alfonso Lopez.

Haas joined a host of Democratic lawmakers Thursday, as they unveiled new measures to curb gun access.

"I have introduced House Bill 2251, legislation that would prohibit the sale and transfer of these unnecessary large-capacity ammunition magazines in Virginia," Lopez said.

"This is 30 rounds. Imagine a clip that has 100 rounds, 3 times this size," Delegate Joe Morrissey demonstrated, showing off an unloaded AK 47.

He announced his plans to ban them.

"It's legal right now in many cities and counties to walk down the middle of Main Street and stand in front of a public school but not on school property with it," Morrissey said.

Others want to see background checks enforced for everyone seeking to buy a gun. Haas agrees saying, right now, loopholes are preventing it.

"That would be like having two lines at the airport and you arrive at the airport and say ‘I choose the no security line. I'm not going to take my shoes off and I'm not going to get a check, but I'm going to board that plane.' We'd never allow that," she said.

The Governor's newly created school safety task force is now meeting gathering ideas, but Delegate Patrick Hope, who happens to sit on the task force, calls it a "shame and a missed opportunity" that the task force isn't focusing on gun control specifically.

Virginia Democratic lawmakers are also presenting bills to address mental health services and provide local school districts flexibility in enforcing school security policies.

Gun advocacy group, the Virginia Citizens Defense League states on its website, it strongly supports house bills that allow possession of handguns in legislative buildings and grants training for school personnel to carry handguns on school property.

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