January 17 RESTAURANT REPORT: Hand washing violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hand-washing is critical to making sure germs and bacteria don't spread when workers prepare food at restaurants. The Health Department told a restaurant to retrain their staff on proper hand-washing procedures when it wasn't getting done right.

The problem was at Los Amigos, 7128 Hull Street Road in Chesterfield. Among its five critical violations, the report says no soap was used when washing hands, and employees changed gloves without washing their hands in between. The inspector told them to retrain staff on hand-washing. We asked the manager if that was done.

He told us, "We have everything corrected already."

The report shows the restaurant fixed violations during the inspection.

We also went to Niwanohana Japanese Restaurant, 1309 East Cary Street in Richmond. It had 6 critical violations, including that a slicer, knife, knife sharpener, and lexan container were soiled to sight and touch. We spoke with an employee, who called his manager.

But he told us the manager declined to talk with us. The inspector wrote that all violations were corrected during the inspection.

According to inspection reports, hands, utensils, and everything else is pretty clean at Subway at 15817 City View Drive in Midlothian. It wins this week's NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award for acing 5 inspections and no critical violations in two years.