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Trees mistakenly tackled on Redskins training camp site


A major penalty during the construction of the new redskins training camp- trees that were supposed to be left standing got plowed over. The lot behind the Science Museum of Virginia is absolutely barren. Residents and city leaders are outraged.

"It was a beautiful area. This whole area had large trees and little open areas," described Wayne Taylor, who video-taped the bulldozers leveling the ground at the west end of the property. "This was tragic. It was a beautiful park. These trees were probably 70 to 80 years old."

Richmond city Mayor Dwight Jones said he was taken aback by the mistake. The plans called for the older, hardwood trees to remain standing.

"It's really disappointing that something like this happened," said Jones.

Jones says he's already called for a new landscaping plan for the site which calls for bigger trees and more of them.

"We're going to replace the trees one by one, but not just little small young trees. We're going to replace them with mature trees," said the mayor.

However, to bring in more mature trees would mean uprooting them from somewhere else.

"It'll never be replaced in our time of a generation or two...If it wasn't intentional, it was certainly incompetent," said Taylor.

"We're going to find out exactly how it happened. Exactly why it happened," said Jones.

City Councilman Chris Hilbert called the incident shocking and is questioning the entire management of the project. Hilbert is also demanding a full report on how this happened.

No word yet on where the money will come from to replace the trees that were mistakenly bulldozed over.

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