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Man killed in officer-involved shooting linked to robbery

Frankie Pitt Frankie Pitt

Chesterfield Police are releasing new details in the case of a man killed in an officer-involved shooting.

Frankie Pitt died over the weekend after police say he was shot in a struggle with an officer over his gun. Police say he was also a suspect in a larceny earlier that night.

Pitt's family says he never would have committed a crime like this, but Monday morning, police revealed that a cash drawer found in Pitt's car matched a cash drawer stolen from the Circle K.

NBC12 legal analysts say what happened on the Southbound ramp of Chippenham Parkway will best be described by a medical examiner, who can look at gun shot residue and bruising on Pitt's body to decide what happened during the incident.

Physical evidence can paint a picture of how the officer and Pitt where interacting and where their bodies were when the gun fired. Initially, police reported minor injuries to the officer involved as well.

We learned an autopsy was underway Monday.

It's a lot to take in for Pitt's longtime fiance, Azzi Robinson.

"I'm not feeling anything right now. I'm numb. I'm shocked."

She still doesn't believe her fiance could do this.

"Frankie is not a violent person. If trouble came his way, he'd walk the other way,"

But police say the incident actually started here at the Circle K, when Pitt went inside and stole a cash register. The employees inside say they have video of what happened.

Police haven't released the video yet, but according to their reports of the matching cash drawer, it could show Pitt stealing it.

NBC12 looked into Pitt's criminal record and found only one speeding ticket. A representative of the Masons confirmed that he was said to be an "upstanding" member, new to the organization in the last year.

It's worth noting, the Masons also run a  background and community check before accepting new members.

Our legal analyst points out that people snap and do things out of character. That's why the surveillance video and the medical office exam will be key to setting a clear record of what happened.

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