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Coming up,  a young Chesterfield girl is attacked by her neighbor's pit bull, left with bite wounds to her arms and stomach.  It happened after school when she went to visit  a friend.  The neighbor says the dog was just protecting the family.  Tonight the pit bull is in custody of animal control.  We talk with the dog owner and the victim's family at 11.

The flu has  hit early in Virginia and it's growing rapidly.  This is the worst outbreak of flu in the state in nearly a decade.  Cases have spread to every region of Virginia and we have yet to peak.   Experts advise you not to put off getting a flu vaccination.

The oldest farmer's market in the state is about to be demolished.   The city is tearing down the 17th Street Farmer's Market in Shockoe Bottom to give the area a makeover.   Critics call the current market site a glorified parking lot.  The city's vision is to establish a welcome center with space for outdoor dining and wi fi access.   We've got details on the changes ahead,  when you join us at 11.