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Armed robbery at salon in museum district


Two salon owners in Richmond's Museum District say armed men demanded money from them and robbed them.

It happened around 6:30pm on Cleveland Street at Refuge.  

One of the owners was walking out to his car when he ran into an armed gunman behind a tree.

"The gunman approached me on my side and said, 'give me all your money or I'm going to shoot you' and I said 'well, I don't have any money,'" Mel LaPrade explained. "You can shoot me if you want to, but I don't have any money."

LaPrade said he started shouting, hoping his co-worker inside would hear him but he said what happened next happened in seconds. He said a second gunman came from around the corner, knocked the coffee out of Mel's hand and ran inside the salon.

Tony Williams was inside the salon, finishing up for the day.

"He came running inside with a gun and demanded cash," said Williams.

The victims say the men were wearing bandanas, black hoodies, and brown work gloves, both said to be armed with guns.

"I gave him what I had in my pockets and then he just turned and left," said Williams. "It was really fast. They were obviously watching and, you know, knew what they were doing."

Now, the salon owners say they're really thinking about safety.

"The whole gun thing has come up so much that it's really come up as something to strongly think about, so we've considered more lighting," said Williams.

It was dark that night - the victims say the street lights haven't worked since Derecho hit. Now, they plan to contact the city and get the lights fixed.

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