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Parents upset after student displays knife on school bus


Some Chesterfield parents are upset tonight after a student brought a knife on a school bus. It happened Wednesday as the bus was leaving Elizabeth Scott Elementary in Chester.

Andrea Andaluz says she's most worried about what could have happened if her son didn't tell the bus driver that a fellow student just pulled out a small knife from his back pack.

"You think your child is going to school in a safe environment where these things don't happen," said Andaluz.

According to her two boys - they told the bus driver - who then returned to the school and turned in the kid with the knife. But his buddy still on the bus then threatened to kill Andaluz's boys - that is, according to her kids. She called police and notified the school.

But after that - Andaluz and her husband say - the school hasn't told them much.

"I'm speaking for not only my kids but the other parents that don't know the incident and what occurred yesterday and how serious it really was," said Andaluz.

Chesterfield police say they followed up with the school - but say this is not a police matter. That's because police say no crime was committed. They say no one was actually threatened with a knife, plus, the knife is too small to be classified as a weapon at school.

We also reached out to chesterfield public school officials who say the law prevents them from revealing what, if any, disciplinary action was taken on the student.

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