Search warrant reveals details into Chesterfield and Dinwiddie homicides

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - There is new information into the string of homicides earlier this week in Chesterfield and Dinwiddie.

Herbert Bland Jr. is accused of killing his girlfriend and her mother in Chesterfield before killing his father in Dinwiddie. New search warrants just released reveal what officers found when they arrived at the scene.

The search of the home of Elizabeth and Barbara Fassett reveals the time line of the alleged crime, and the efforts that Bland's father made to prevent the murder from taking place.

From the beginning detectives in both Chesterfield and Dinwiddie knew that the murders they were dealing with were not isolated incidents.

"I can't put it any other way, just on a hunch," Major Terry L. Patterson of the Chesterfield Police Department said of the investigation.

A search warrant reveals how they acted on that hunch. It started when a UPS driver attempted to deliver a package to the River Road home.

He found a female body lying on the floor in a quote "large amount of blood".

Chesterfield detectives knew there was a homicide investigation already underway in Dinwiddie. The search warrant reveals that when they contacted the Sheriff's office there, they learned that Herbert Bland Sr. had called to warn that one of his guns was missing and he was worried that his son had taken it.

"It was one of those cases where we had one little piece of the puzzle," said Patterson.

And that final piece confirmed in the search warrant was a car. A silver Nissan SUV that was seen in both locations.  Both Blands were seen in the car the morning of the murders. That car was also seen at both crime scenes. At the bland home slivers of broken glass were found on the floorboard.

But while this document gives us an idea of what took place that day, what still remains is a mystery is why. What could've led Herbert Bland Jr. to murder the three of the closest people in his life in what appears to be cold blood?

Herbert Bland Jr. is still in the hospital. He's due in court next week.

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