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Video: Sheriff shoots out bank robber's tire


A former Tyler man is awaiting trial for the attempted capital murder of a police officer.

Steven Ray Milam, dubbed the "Handsome Guy Bandit," was arrested in Pascagoula, Mississippi one year ago this month.

Last October, he pleaded guilty to robbing at least 11 banks in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. He was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison.

The dash cam video shows the entire chase unfold.

Mississippi authorities initially set out after Milam for following another car on the interstate too closely. Jackson County Deputies tried pulling Milam over at a rest stop but were unsuccessful.

"This vehicle has had the opportunity to stop but has kept on rolling... now he's going to exit... back on the interstate," one officer said over the radio to a dispatcher.

As Milam gets back on I-10, the chase is on. Lights and sirens were going off, but Milam still wouldn't stop.

Thirteen minutes later, Milam swerved across the interstate, avoiding the spike strips authorities had laid across the road.

Deputies staged along his path pulled the spike strips off the pavement to let authorities by as the chase continued. Then, the sheriff got involved.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd got on the interstate in a dark vehicle.

After a few seconds, the sheriff matched speed with Milam and with a shot, the Sheriff blew Milan's tire out. In video from the chase, rubber from that tire is seen flying through the air.

"To keep anyone else from possibly getting injured, I made the decision and I shot out the right rear tire at 85 miles an hour," Sheriff Mike Byrd said in an interview on January 3, 2012.

Milan's car eventually came to a halt on the side of the road. Deputies moved in on him with their guns drawn. Milam, attempted to swallow a hand full of pills, rolled out of the car and was arrested.

In the back seat of one officer's car, Milam all but bragged about his escapades.

Officer: Why didn't you stop?
Milam: I got a warrant out.
Officer: For what?
Milam: I was the handsome guy bandit from Dallas... robbed 11 banks.
Officer: So you're wanted for bank robbery?

Milam confessed he'd been arrested for bank robbery before. He even shared that he served time in federal prison.

Officer: So you got out and robbed banks again?
Milam: Call the FBI in Dallas. They'll know who I am. They're the ones looking for me.

In a dash cam video from one of Milam's robberies last year, Milam is seen in the bottom right corner of the windshield just before he fired at a Richardson Police Officer.

Now Milam sits in the Dallas County Jail for firing those shots. He's awaiting trial for attempted capital murder of a police officer.

More video from the police chase that ended in Milam's arrest can be seen here.

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