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County leaders take action at dangerous West End intersection


One West End woman's battle to get the county to pay attention to her neighborhood's intersection is starting to show results.

In September, Catherine Drooger, who lives off Ridgefield Parkway and Cambridge Drive, ended up with scrapes while dodging a speeding driver. 

Since then, county leaders and police say they've taken action. She says she's heard from county leaders, but hopes more neighbors will show their support.

"I have heard from Pat O'Bannon, our Tuckahoe, Henrico County representative," she said.

O'Bannon released a statement, saying, "The Traffic Engineer's office, the Division of Police and Recreation and Parks have all been very attentive to her concerns, and they have all been attempting to help."

The help, according to Henrico Police, has come in the form of three traffic studies here. Police say more than 2,000 cars were monitored between October and December.

Only 15 speeding tickets were written.

A third traffic study is still ongoing.

"I have seen more monitoring by the police, which was promised," said Drooger.

Still, she says what she sees tells a different story.

"I have seen pets killed on this road, children almost hit, myself almost hit - this is a dangerous road."

Drooger did try to get support from her neighbors. The area qualifies for an extra $200 fine for anyone caught speeding.  But she needs 300 signatures from people living here.  As of Wednesday, she has not reached that number. The neighborhood has a "No-Soliciting" policy which could complicate things.

"It's going to have to take a tragedy in order for something to be done, in my estimation," she fears.

County traffic engineers say there are plans to paint lines for the crosswalks at the intersection. Engineers also say they are going to monitor the timing of the pedestrian signal to see if it needs to be changed.

Board supervisor O'Bannon is offering to help Drooger get those signatures by holding a neighborhood meeting in February. Details are still being worked out.

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