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Watch D.O.G.S. keep Pocahontas Middle School students safe


Whenever Darryl Badley, Jr. is at Pocahontas Middle school, he is always on the go- walking the hallways, walking into classrooms, and even walking around the school's parking lot.

He has been doing this once a month for three years now, and it is all because he is "top dog".

"Top dog" is actually the "head honcho" of the school's "Watch D.O.G.S." program.

"Watch D.O.G.S. are 'dads of great students'," said Badley.

Badley is one of nearly 100 dads in the school's program.

The dad-on-duty is issued a radio, a T-shirt, a schedule, and even his own parking spot. It is his job to be an extra set of eyes and ears at the school, and more importantly, to spend time with his children as well as the other students.

"You associate dads with security. Just seeing me, or seeing any dad for that matter, you know, gives the students that extra 'yes, there is somebody else here that I know, and they're here helping to protect me and being here for me'," said Badley.

"It gives our dads specifically a program where they can get an opportunity to be able to spend time during the school day, being able to interact with students, and you know to be able to walk up and down the halls 'high-fiving' students as they're going to class," said the Watch D.O.G.S. school coordinator James Milcarek.

Two of the students are Badley's own children.They both enjoy seeing dad at school ever so often.

"He'll just pop in, but it's actually kind of fun because he'll actually participate in the class sometimes," said 12-year-old Darren Badley.

However, according to Badley's oldest son, 13-year-old Darryl Badley, III, dad sometimes participates a little too much.

"Sometimes, when I like girls, he'll try to butter them up for me," he said.

Badley says those are the perks of being "top dog". However, there is one perk that outweighs them all.

"As a dad, when you are involved with your child's education, not just at home, but involved in the schools, it makes them better," said Badley.

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