Tips on how to quit smoking

With the new year comes new promises to change lives.

One of the most popular is a goal to quit smoking.

Dr. William Ferrar believes that quitting smoking is a resolution that could pay long term dividends.

Many people who try to quit often resume. Dr. Ferrar wants to offer a better chance of quitting permanently.

It is easier to substitute or taper the cigarette habit. Using safer forms of nicotine, which is what hooks us, to keep smoking is the answer.

Chantix is a prescription nicotine blocker that helps up to 50 percent if used for up to one year. Nicotine replacement by patches and either gum or lozenges are over the counter methods with similar success rates if used for up to one year. Best of all if you start smoking again, you can use the method all over again.

Once you finally kick the habit, the work is not done.

You may quickly learn the emotional control smoking gave. This not the time to resume cigarettes. Irritability and restlessness may be taking hold as you and others may have noticed.

Talk with your doctor about safer ways to treat the mood change your smoking had been treating.

Using counseling, yoga, antidepressant medications and tranquillizers under your doctor's supervision is the long term successful way to go.

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