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Richmond Police meet with parents about school safety


With the horrors of Sandy Hook still fresh in everyone's minds, parents, teachers and staff at Southside Baptist Christian School soaked in a lesson they hope they never have to experience.

They watched a video re-enactment of how to react to an active shooter in the building and learned from Richmond Police how officers are trained to respond.

"It's a real thing that's happening in other parts of the country. You've seen some of the weapons that have been taken out off the streets of the city and out of individuals homes," Major Steve Drew, told the crowd.

The school organized this training day in response to recent events and as a reminder that no school district is immune to violence.

"We want the folks at Sandy Hook to understand and to know they are not forgotten. There are still parents that are grieving. There are still parents with that feeling that will never leave and we want them to know that they have people here in Richmond Va that will continue to pray for them," said Principal and teacher, Arcillious Redding.

The message was clear. "If you see something, if you hear something, if you feel it or even if you think it, say something," said Major Drew.

Parents took it to heart. "Even the folks that may have the intentions of harm, knowing that someone may tell on them it might kind of stop them from doing something. Or at least bringing something to the school. I thought that was important and that's the message I'm taking home. Say something, you have to say something," said parent Teddy Elliot.

Police say let them decide if it's credible, let them decide if it's a hoax.

"Whether it's a suspicious package that turns out to be a book bag, I would much rather go through a hundred of those calls that have nothing to do whatsoever, than to do go through one call where we spend two or three days and saw something that occurred like we saw in Columbine," said Major Drew.

Again, if you see something, hear it, feel it, police in every school district in our area say give them a call. Let them investigate. They'd rather know, even if it turns out not to be true.

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