12 ON YOUR SIDE: Company pays homeowner costs

BUMPASS, VA (WWBT) - A Bumpass, Virginia man, who got a major defect in his home corrected after he called 12 On Your Side for help, has now received something else - a big check from Clayton Homes.

Paul Rippeth spent a lot of his own money on a problem he didn't cause. The builder stepped up after 12 got involved and corrected the substandard work. They recently agreed to reimburse some expenses too.

"The check is for $2,014.76," said Rippeth.

The check is from Clayton Homes, Tennessee. It reached Paul's hands just before the holidays.

"I don't have that kind of money just to throw out. Obviously, we're all living on a budget."

Paul had been told by attorneys and Clayton Homes, Ashland he had to fix the unstable flooring himself. The statute of limitations had expired.

But, we investigated anyway, and showed you joist boards held up by nails popping out from the weight above.

The builder installed hangers on every joist board, as required by the Virginia Building Code giving the modular home the support the Louisa County building inspector says it should have left the factory with years ago.

Paul was elated but, doubted he'd get back what he spent on lawyers, engineering reports and estimates.

"Friedlen Engineering. $932 and some change. Another one from them for $490," said Rippeth.

I emailed the company president about a money matter still remaining after the repairs and was told they would look at receipts. Paul got a check a few weeks later.

"I figured the money is gone. I'm just happy to get my house fixed. So, it was just 'write it off Paul. You just lost it.' I'm elated."

Paul says without 12's help, he would have had to take out a second loan to cover the $17,000 it would have cost him in repairs and fees.

The finished work looks great and meets the building code. Clayton Homes said early on, it would correct any building code violations.

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