January 3 RESTAURANT REPORT: temperature violations

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Not only do foods have to be cooked to certain temperatures to make sure any harmful bacteria is killed, the state health department requires that they be maintained at certain temperatures so any bacteria can't grow. But temperatures were a problem for a couple of restaurants in this edition of the Restaurant Report.

The first is Carter's Restaurant, 8906 West Broad Street in Henrico, which had 5 critical violations on its health inspection. The inspector reported that staff were eating in the food prep area, and that some foods on the steam table were supposed to be kept 135 degrees, but were only about 50 degrees. Carter's had all problems corrected when it was later re-inspected. The owners told us they simply had a very busy day and some things were overlooked, but that they work to keep things up to code and wouldn't serve anything to a customer that they wouldn't eat.

And a temperature violation was noted among 4 critical violations at Captain D's at 12541 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chesterfield. Among them, the report says the fish filet was not cooked to a sufficient temperature and time to eliminate pathogenic bacteria. That and other issues were corrected during the inspection.

The employees of Alfa Laval can enjoy the food from the restaurant inside their building at 5400 International Drive in Henrico. It wins the NBC 12 Hall of Fame Award for acing its health inspections.