Parents raise concern over virtual "burn book" about Chesterfield students

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - An investigation is underway in Chesterfield County after what some are calling a vulgar and mean conversation on twitter. Parents alerted NBC12 to three twitter handles that said inappropriate things about what appears to be Chesterfield County students.

The user's accounts seem to have been disabled, but a quick twitter search revealed plenty of tweets and a lot of graphic conversation Wednesday.

The conversation is public, scandalous, and many would say downright mean. We haven't shared the twitter handles because quite frankly, the names are inappropriate and they talk about what looks to be area students.

Some tweets include pictures of body parts and claims of students being sexually promiscuous.

Chesterfield Police say a school resource officer is investigating the sites, but that it's unclear this early in the investigation whether what was exchanged could be labeled a crime.

Still, area parents are questioning how this ever happened.

"Kids are being bullied," said parent Latrelle Goodwin. "The parents need to be more involved about what kids are getting into in today's society."

"Kids are hurtful and hateful at a very young age now," said parent Katrina Davis. "I'm not sure where it comes from, but it's sad and scary."

"It seems like they have too much time on their hands to be talking about other kids," said Quenten Goodwin, "because a lot of kids have a lot to deal with today."

Meanwhile, some are firing back at the original tweets where the conversation started- on twitter. They're saying what's been said about classmates is wrong and that it could cause someone to commit suicide.

Chesterfield County School Leaders say they know about the twitter handles. Parents told them today when classes resumed. We're told the school system alerted police, but that this couldn't' have happened on campus because the school blocks social media sites.

A twitter spokesperson said only that the company doesn't comment on individual accounts, for security reasons.

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