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New Years Eve surprise: 26 Acts of Kindness


Ever since NBC's Ann Curry challenged the nation, people all across the country have spent the last few weeks carrying out "26 Acts of Kindness". 26 acts for the 26 students and teachers who were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary. And right here in our area, one woman's act of kindness in a busy grocery store in Short Pump - prompted one man to start his 26 acts of kindness. 

New Years Eve and like many, Mike Borger was getting ready to celebrate. 

"We went to Trader Joe's in Short Pump to prepare for New Years," he said. 

But while in line to check out - something unexpected happened. 

"I was waiting in line, a woman came up to myself and just said ‘Happy New Year' and handed this to me," Mike explained. 

What Mike got was a gift card to Trader Joe's with a little handwritten note on it. 

"As I looked I realized it said, ‘In honor of Lauren Rousseau, age 30, Sandy Hook Victim', and this was the number 26th act," said Mike. 

Mike still holds on to the note - that was given to him in honor of Lauren Rousseau - a young teacher who had everything going for her when she was killed. 

She had a new boyfriend and she landed a permanent substitute teacher job a Sandy Hook elementary school. 

The gesture has now inspired Mike to take action. 

"It made me realize that I should probably do something else like this. I think there's a deadline for this, so I just need an extension, I guess, to do 26 nice things. It doesn't matter how much was on the card or where the gift card was too, it's just the fact she randomly gave it to people was cool," he said. 

And he wasn't the only recipient - others in line were given gift cards from this complete stranger following through her 26 Acts of Kindness.

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