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Donations rise before tax season


There are only a couple more days left to clean out your closets and donate items you no longer need in order to claim them on your tax returns.  A lot of people had that same idea today at the Chesterfield Goodwill in Alverseer Plaza. 

From winter clothes to household items, donations were spilling in today. The last three days of the year are always the busiest as people rush to donate before the end of the year.

This stack of receipts will just keep getting thinner as more and more people drive up to donate and eventually claim these on their tax returns.  

"This particular location is always busy," said Lead Donation Attendant, Marcell Harrison.  

The weekend before the New Year is typically the most hectic time for staff.  

Goodwill Spokeswoman, Ellen Thornhil,l says they have increased staffing to accommodate the high number of donations.  

"We want people to still have the same experience these last three very busy days that they do any other day of the year when they donate to Goodwill," said Thornhill.  

Thornhill says in the last three days of the year, on average, Goodwill receives roughly 15,000 individual donations in Metro Richmond. That's more than one third of the donations received in a typical month.  

Tim Wolfe and his family are helping contribute to that number this year. He got new clothes for Christmas allowing him to donate some older ones.  

"Typically anytime we have extra stuff this is the first place we think of to bring it to instead of just tossing it out," said Wolfe. "Now, I'm going to pass this (receipt) off to my wife so we can get some sort of tax deduction."

Staff will continue to hand out these slips as people continue to clean out their closets and donate their gently used items, just in time for the new year. There are other donation bins in town, besides Goodwill.

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