Education Editorial: Newtown, CT reaction

By: Bill Bosher - email

The news of Newtown was debilitating.

It was impossible to comprehend…and difficult to see. The endless media has been challenging as well for those of us who are obsessive about fixing things but do not have a reasonable answer to the ever-present question: How can we keep this from happening again?

We cannot!

It seems that the worst cases are familiar to us: Virginia Tech: 33 killed in 2007; the University of Texas: 18 killed in 1966; Columbine: 15 killed in 1999; and Red Lake HS: 10 killed in 2005.

Emotion and the desire for prevention spurn new policies, studies, and psychological profiles. Those who seek new gun laws grasp the "teachable moment" in an effort to let the compelling story make its case. But are you aware that the greatest loss of life in a school was in 1927 in Bath Elementary School, Bath, Michigan - and no shots were fired.

Andrew Kehoe, treasurer of the school board, blamed the loss of his farm on property taxes increased to build a new school. He rigged dynamite and put the explosives in the basement of the school. Forty-five died that day. It would have been worse if all of the dynamite had detonated.

School deaths are not about safety techniques, new technology, or gun laws…schools deaths are about evil people doing evil things. A theater in Aurora, a Baptist church in Dallas, and Amish school in PA are illustrations of where, in the words of the Gov. of Connecticut, "evil came". We need to be vigilant, not for the medium, but the messenger!

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