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Carytown prepares for New Year's Eve


Thousands of people flocked to Carytown to watch the ball rise in 2012. This year, many will be going back for more. 

Similar to last year, Cary street will be open to traffic – making it tough for any vehicle to make it through especially as mid-night approaches.

In a matter of days, ball on the roof of the Byrd Theatre will be lit and rise to the sky ringing in the new year.

Even though Cary street will be open to cars, Byrd Theatre General Manager, Todd Schall-Vess, encourages everyone to be mindful of others.

"I think it's important and I think it speaks highly of the character of Richmonders - that we really have never had serious problems," said Schall-Vess. "We'd love to keep it that way so please be respectful of motorists, eachother, and respectful of the businesses in Carytown so there won't ever be impediments in continuing this tradition we've established."

Even though, filling the ball with hundreds of LED lights will be a challenge, the biggest for Schall-Vess is the crowd - the thousands and thousands of people who will flock to Cary street just moments before the clock strikes midnight.

"They should keep to the sidewalks," Schall-Vess noted. "There generally is a period right before midnight where people spill into the streets and the police do a very good job at keeping everybody safe." 

Even though traffic could be trying, restaurants always welcome the open road - that usually means more business for them.

"More customers come when no one blocks the road, " said Farouk Indian Restaurant Manager Chhinda Sandhu

As New Years Eve inches closer, the anticipation of great entertainment and increased business continues to amplify in Carytown.  

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