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Richmond City holds candlelight vigil for Sandy Hook victims


A candlelight vigil was held near the Richmond Coliseum, Sunday night. Mayor Dwight Jones took the podium to give his condolences on behalf of the city.

"Our hearts are heavy, we grieve and we mourn the passing of the persons at Sandy Hook School, our brothers and sisters in Connecticut, because if one of us hurts, all of us hurts, because we are all part of the human family," said Jones.

Those who showed up, held candles and stood in unity, remembering the victims of Sandy Hook.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the children who passed away the ones who lost their lives and their families and pray that this never happens again," said Bob Rolphes.

"I just hope they can recover from this and become happy some point in life," said Hannah Rolphes.

Mayor Jones took this opportunity to voice his views about guns at schools.

"When I think about our teachers, and the idea that teachers would be armed, I think that our teachers are already underpaid, undervalued, and over worked, they already work as surrogate parents and to think now to give them another responsibility to make them the first line of defense when someone would come to school armed with the intention to harm, simply makes no sense," said Jones.

Sunday night's vigil was coordinated by the group, Citizens Against Crime.


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