Hello, it's Sabrina,

A terrified Richmond woman is pleading for help after she says several teens tried to break into her home and she says it isn't the first time.  Tonight at 11 we'll hear what city leaders and police are doing to calm the community.

Tonight we'll show you a  courageous act of safety from a stranger who pulls a driver and passenger from a burning car.  Police call it a rare act of bravery.  The rescue was caught on police dash cam video.

They've cleaned things up now, but dirty utensils, pans and containers led to several critical violations for a couple of restaurants in Richmond and Henrico.  We've got the latest inspections in tonight's Restaurant Report.

Plus, Virginia and the nation pause tomorrow in memory of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings.  Americans are being asked to observe a moment of silence at 9:30 am.  At the Virginia State Capitol bells will toll 26 times in honor of each life lost.    We have more on the tribute at 11.