December 20 RESTAURANT REPORT: hot water heater violation

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - You definitely notice when your hot water heater isn't working when you take a shower. One restaurant received a critical violation on a state health inspection for a hot water heater that wasn't hot enough because hot water is critical to killing bacteria in cooking and cleaning dishes.

It happened at Shanghai at 6701 Lake Harbour Drive in Chesterfield, which had 4 critical violations. Among them, the water heater was turned off or not set at the proper temperature. But the restaurant fixed that and all its other problems on the spot, and earned a perfect score when the inspector came back in three weeks.

Moving to Richmond, McDonald's at 2501 Sheila Lane had 4 critical violations. The report says pans, food storage containers and serving utensils were soiled to sight and touch. They were cleaned and all other violations were fixed during the inspection. This McDonald's had no critical violations just four days later on a re-check.

And in Henrico, China Panda at 8970 Quioccasin Road had 4 critical violations. The inspector wrote that the meat grinder and meat cleavers were put away with encrusted food debris on them. They were cleaned and China Panda earned a perfect score on it's follow-up inspection a week later.