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Some water sources running dry in Hanover and Chesterfield Counties


The little rainfall we've had is really beginning to concern fire officials. In Hanover County, several water sources set aside for fire departments are getting extremely low. One is even empty.  

Many rural neighbors depend on lakes and ponds, rather than water mains, to fill their hydrants. Without that rain, concern will continue to rise.

Fire crews say the levels they're seeing right now are usually what they see in the summer time - not winter. 

This isn't a grassy field. It's supposed to be a water source for fire fighters, but Clay Banks neighbor Claudia Diehl say she hasn't seen this pond full for more than a year.  

"It's probably to take a long time until it fills up," said Diehl.  

This reservoir, also called a dry hydrant, is one of 77 in Hanover County. This is the only one nearly bone dry - a vast difference from a Google Earth photo take in 2010. The issue is two-fold. A dam nearby broke allowing a lot of water to spill out, but there just hasn't been enough rain to fill it back up. 

"Many of them are quite low, so there are concerns about how much water we're going to get out of the water sources that the dry hydrants are put in," said Hanover County Battalion Chief Snyder. 

Chief Snyder says several other hydrants are still extremely low. Part of that is due to the lack of rain. 

"We'll just be patient and wait for the rains to come," Diehl added.  

Chief Snyder says that could mean delayed response times especially if crews have to travel further to the closest water source.  

NBC12 checked with surrounding fire departments. Chesterfield is the only one experiencing anything close to Hanover County. Two out of 18 dry hydrants are out of service right now.

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