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The Collegiate School dancers set to perform in Orange Bowl


There is a saying that practice makes perfect, and that is exactly what the Collegiate School dancers are definitely trying to become by January 1.

"We have 18 girls that are traveling to Miami to perform in the Orange Bowl," said dance instructor Stacy Dudley.

The ladies are preparing to perform in the half-time show at one of the biggest college football games in the nation.

"It was just like a dream come true. I never thought this would have happened to us, you know. I'm really excited about it," said dancer Vivien Fergusson.

Back in March, this group found out it had been chosen out of thousands of dance groups nationwide.

The World Strides Heritage Company organizes, invites, and puts on half-time shows across the country. Its scouts heard about the Collegiate dancers, probably because the group is unique.

"Not everyone has classical experience or training from an outside studio, so it's an accepting sort of dance room. We don't judge each other on how good you are. It's all about growth, I think," said dancer Tori Spivey.

They have been growing a lot these last few days, trying to learn an 8-minute dance routine from a DVD. They have to perfect the moves before heading to Miami and joining hundreds of other dancers on the field.

This is the first time the Collegiate dance group has participated in something this big.

"They're going to be experiencing all different types of dance. So, to me, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They're going to gain so much dance knowledge just in the five days that we're there," said Dudley.

The dancers will leave for Miami this Saturday, and will return to Richmond on Wednesday.

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