Now at Noon: Newtown schools resume, New Kent thefts, win an iPad

Now at Noon, for the first time since Friday's shooting massacre, students in Connecticut are back in school. Meanwhile, more families are holding funerals for their loved ones killed in that horrific crime. We'll have the latest in a report from Newtown.

Sheriffs deputies say someone is going around stealing metal parts from residential water systems in New Kent. Brent Solomon will have details on this crime alert.

The Voice will crown its season 3 winner tonight. After a heartfelt opening number, the show's three finalists turned in their final performances last night. We'll preview the big finale.

Plus, the Richmond SPCA is live in our studios with the pet of the week. You won't want to miss this lovable furry friend.

And tomorrow is the last day to enter to win an iPad mini. Click here to enter: