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ON YOUR SIDE ALERT: Managing your passwords


Do you ever feel like you have entirely too many passwords? If you do, then you know, it's difficult to remember all of them.

Some people simply give up and use the same password for everything, but that's never a good idea.

When we asked Addy Kapur to tell us how many passwords he has, he couldn't really.

"A lot, a lot," said Kapur.

He tries to manage them by breaking them into categories: banking, work, fun sites.

"My biggest fear is since I use similar ten sets of passwords on 150 sites, if someone hacks and they get my password, then now they will reuse it on other sites," said Kapur.

Cyber expert Theresa Payton says that's how the hackers do it, it's what they count on.

"We are all in password overload," said Payton.

Theresa says we should think about sites that require passwords in a certain way.

"They don't involve money, personal identity, social life, and not linked to anything else. It's okay to use a less complex password and maybe even recycle those passwords."

But she cautions you need a different password on each of your banking accounts or you should create a special email account only for banking and use a unique password.

Choosing something that is difficult to hack, unfortunately, makes it difficult to remember.

"Think about a phrase that reminds you of what you do on that site and take the first letter of each word," said Payton.

String those letters together as your password. Plus there's nothing wrong with keeping a password notebook, just don't store it near your computer.

"Do not keep your passwords digital because if someone hacks into that device they have the keys to your personal kingdom and you don't want that," Payton adds.

For information on how to manage your passwords click here.

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