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King George school sends note home warning of “violent act”


It is a dark time at King George High School. Parents received a letter on Friday from the school principal warning of a disturbing rumor.

The letter said a rumor is circulating that a student or small group of students is planning a "violent act" at the school on December 21st coinciding with the end of the Mayan calendar.

"It's a sick thing to do," said Walter Volinic, who's son is one of more than 1,300 students who came home with the letter.

The morbid note comes on the same day a shooter stormed an elementary school in Connecticut, killing dozens of young students and teachers. The King George community is now on edge.

"I mean talking to people at work," said Volinic. "People are saying they are not going to send their kids to school on Friday."

School officials say there are security measures in place, and they say the threat seems to be isolated to the high school; however, the superintendent is not taking any chances. He is requesting extra police presence at all county schools.

"It's frustrating. It's disruptive, and it's upsetting," said school superintendent Robert Benson. "We've obviously invested a good deal of resources and time into pursuing it."

The school is working with the sheriff's office interviewing students and parents, but there is still no credible lead.

"So I call it a rumor," said Benson. "Not to dilute the seriousness of it. We've pursued it aggressively because we do take it very seriously."

Benson says the school system and local police will be on high alert next week. All King George County Schools will receive additional security.

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