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Richmond School security measures


Richmond Public School officials say their hearts are weighing heavy tonight as well. They're taking this time to talk about their security measures. In Richmond - the schools are not only work to protect the students from the outside but are working from inside as well. 

Richmond Public Schools is talking about what they deal with here - in some of the schools like John Marshall for instance - there are several metal detectors at several of entrances. They want to do their best to keep things like guns from coming in. 

For those who work in education and interact with students every day, it's been especially difficult. Carrie Lindenfeld is the safety trainer for Richmond Public Schools but she is a mother first. 

"Very, very tragic, I have two children of my own and when I send them off to school, I expect them to be in a safe environment and nothing would happen. That's all parent's expectations," she said. 

At Richmond Public Schools - security evaluations are taken seriously. 

"Every year, we would check areas to make sure that we're following the best practices," Lindenfeld explained. 

That evaluation then is signed off by the school board every year. But every day - students especially at the middle and high school level are subject to searches. 

"There are random checks. They're done almost every day to ensure there are no items that are considered contraband come into the school," she added. 

And that includes metal detectors and scanners at nearly every entrance. Not all Richmond schools have extensive security. 

"It's dependant on the need. It may be dependent on the area. Some schools have more security personnel than others…more security specialists there," said Lindenfeld. 

Richmond Public Schools also work with Richmond police on a daily basis. During the day we are told the doors are locked at the middle and high schools. And at the elementary schools, visitors always have to get buzzed in then approved at the main office.

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