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Politifact Virginia: Virginia congressman questions ethanol production


It is dry across the country and that's leading a Virginia congressman to call for a wholesale change to the nation's energy policy. You might be wondering what do those things have to do with each other?  

Farmers get special benefits for selling their corn to companies that produce ethanol, but with the lack of rain there is less corn to go around and Congressman Bob Goodlatte believes beef farmers are suffering.

Goodlatte claims 42 percent of corn is going to ethanol, more than is what is going to feed livestock.  

According to the reporters at Politifact Virginia-- that claim is only "half true". Sean Gorman discovered that 42 percent of the corn goes to ethanol producers, but that doesn't mean it becomes ethanol. 

"There is going to be about 4.5 billion bushels of corn that's going into ethanol production, go to those plants and that's the gross number. But a fair chunk of that, about a quarter of that, is going to basically come out of that as this corn byproduct feed," said Gorman. 

You can see all the information behind this week's Politifact Virginia report on their web site, www.politifactvirginia.com.  

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